Introducing Groundbreaking Source of Real-Time Behavioral Intelligence
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Introducing Groundbreaking Source of Real-Time Behavioral Intelligence

First-Of-Its-Kind Data Provides a New Dimension of Customer Insight Based on Neuroscience and Advanced Behavioral Analytics

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 9, 2019 / Neuro-ID, a leading behavioral analytics provider, today introduced next-generation customer intelligence with the launch of its NOW Data™ suite of services. Through a powerful combination of technology, neuroscience, and prescriptive analytics, Neuro-ID’s NOW Data empowers brands to discover and act on valuable behavioral data in real-time in order to significantly enhance and customize the digital customer journey.

As financial services increasingly move to digital platforms, critical insight derived from direct human interaction can be lost. Neuro-ID brings this human element back by providing visibility into a customer’s digital body language and intelligence from digital cues such as click hesitation, response time, overall speed, etc. Through proprietary technology, Neuro-ID’s NOW Data surfaces powerful insight about a customer’s intent and level of engagement in order to personalize and shape the customer experience as it’s happening.

″The digital experience is broken. Friction-filled processes are causing your best customers to abandon at critical points in the customer journey,″ said Jack Alton, CEO, Neuro-ID. ″Neuro-ID’s NOW Data leverages a decade of patented research and discovery to reconnect brands with their customers. This new source of real-time data empowers digital brands to virtually go on the journey with the customer as it occurs. Our enterprise clients have leveraged NOW Data to double conversion rates by eliminating unnecessary friction while simultaneously enhancing their ability to detect sophisticated fraud and risk.″

″For the past decade as CEO of and General Manager at Experian, I built teams responsible for leveraging multiple sources of data to create valuable products and to improve the consumer experience,″ said Ian Cohen. ″We collected and analyzed many sources of actionable data to best inform our processes and models. Neuro-ID’s NOW Data is truly disruptive as they are providing a new source of real-time data to inform the customer journey while it is occurring. This signals a new era to empower brands to build valuable and lasting digital relationships.″

Neuro-ID helps financial institutions uncover the full potential of their data by surfacing a new layer of intelligence. By gathering thousands of valuable data points, without collecting any personally identifiable information (PII), Neuro-ID translates a customer’s movements and behavior in real-time while they interact with a digital application, form, or survey. This actionable insight is used to predict outcomes such as the propensity that a customer will accept a loan or abandon a process, positioning brands to treat their customers with a new level of personalization. Proven to be effective in informing and improving existing fraud and risk models, NOW Data is also used to predict verification and screening outcomes, empowering companies to apply levels of verification suitable to the individual. As a result, the in-session insight allows companies to reduce unnecessary friction typically experienced in a digital interaction between a company and its customer.

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